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The rabbits ate two of the tomato plants. They had chicken wire around them! I don’t know how they did it!

Dream of two nights ago in extended entry.

I dreamed that I was in New Orleans for the first time since the flood. I was climbing these wide white steps to the roof of this medical building on Tulane campus. The storm had caused entire steps to be washed away, and I had to be very careful to skip the missing steps. At one point I fell through, one leg only, and had to have the two people with me (which may or may not have been Kurt and Dave, or may have been Kurt and Dave for only part of the dream) help me up. When we made it to the roof, we looked out on the wrecked city. We could see very far away. I looked to another tall building directly across from us, which had looked good once. All the windows were blown out and surly, dangerous people stood in the empty openings. They were either naked or mostly naked and dark-skinned or tanned. Some of them looked vaguely aboriginal. There may have been spears. I asked another person standing on the roof who they were, and got some significant answer that I don’t now recall. These were the people who didn’t want to come back and be civilized again. These were the people who were at war with the rebuilding. Looking at them across all that way, I felt a huge weight on my chest and began to cry.


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