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I dreamed that I was walking in someone’s yard and they had this fruit tree with very green eye-shaped leaves. Pale green oranges hung all over the tree, ripening: coloring and plumping. It was lovely, both to look at and to smell. I wanted to eat one. I also wanted to plant such a tree in my yard. I consulted the person who owned the tree: did they cover it during the frost? How did they keep it from dying in the cold? After all, it was pretty cold right now, wasn’t it? They told me that it was fine, the tree did fine, because of global warming it just didn’t get that cold anymore, and the tree was doing great without any special precautions.

Man, I thought, I’m going to get me one of those orange trees. Fresh oranges from my own yard, how cool is that?

Then I woke up and realized it won’t work at all, it does still frost here, despite global warming.


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