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References : Bachelet, Morales, da Silva, Chavez. Though only Bachelet is part of the dream.

I dreamed I was explaining to Jennifer Pelland all about Michelle Bachelet’s pushing through the law on Plan B in Chile.

I was pretty shrill and self-righteous about it, because: it’s such a rational thing to do, and rah rah rah free health care, and I’m so wearied by the anti-women mentality so prevalent in U.S. discussions of contraception, and I love Latin America with a love that borders on the irrational. I’m in favor of Morales, I rooted for da Silva and I’m even down with Chavez, especially when he’s at the U.N. babbling about the hint of sulphur in the air. Bachelet, of course, trumps them all, because she’s, you know, one of us. A chix.

Nonetheless, I was pretty happy when I woke up and discovered the whole thing was a dream and that I hadn’t been raving like that, to Jenn (whom I barely know and tried to stay clear of for most of Viable Paradise) or anyone else. It was worse because I knew she’d be in complete agreement with me, so it was not only obnoxious politicizing on my part, it was obnoxious politicizing when I knew I would get amens from the choir. Ugh. Not that I don’t heartily approve of Bachelet’s actions, mind you, I just hate that part of me that babbles on and on and congratulates itself for its cleverness and correctness. Except if it wants to carry on doing so in dreams, it is perfectly welcome to.


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