November 2nd, 2006

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Keep an eye on this space for this month’s experiment: NaBloPoMo.

Of course, I’m a day late, which means I can’t go on the official roster, but hey, if you get 29 days in a row of posts from me out of this, will you care about November 1? I didn’t think so. So I can’t win a prize. Like I’d be doing something like this for a prize.

NaBloPoMo Seal -- Bear

Today I baked Pan de Muerto for Sophia’s class at school. It was quite tasty. We put together an altar and talked about Day of the Dead. Sophia asked to remember Simone. My ambition is to get molds and master making sugar skulls for next year.

I have many projects I wish to do, so I need to make myself a list. I hope you won’t mind if I do it here.

  • The primary podcasting idea: kids books and kids short stories
  • The secondary podcasting idea: news headlines
  • The new booktracking system
  • Scanning the missing book covers for LibraryThing
  • Entering the rest of my books into LibraryThing
  • LibraryThing for VDM
  • Will this be the year I actually send Christmas cards? If so, I’d better start on that, don’t you think?
  • Pomanders
  • Practice : origami, music.
  • Should I try yet again to get that person to let me help them with the Spanish translation of Neil Gaiman’s blog?
  • Learn how to fix stuff in Wikipedia, then fix the Montessori article there (add something about certification). Oh, maybe do some research on criticisms of the Montessori method.
  • Figure out a filing system that actually works for me, implement it.
  • Get skull molds and master making sugar skulls for next year.
  • Website revamp
  • finish work on the photo database search engine

Things I may or may not blog about this month (prompts, if you will):

  • The new booktracking system
  • Writing progress, or lack thereof : Cualcotel
  • Why won’t Gene Wolfe write a story with a female protag? (and no, Pandora by Holly Hollander doesn’t count). Also, “Seven American Nights” is a mindbending short story, isn’t it? I love it with the big and dedicated love.
  • Rant : I am not your prodigal voter. You are not my parent party.
  • How having a five year old is an exercise in frustration : repetition, whining and whys. Oh yeah, and the lying.
  • Dawkins thinks I’m dumb. I’d rather be dumb than be Dawkins. Unsurprisingly, evangelistic atheists are creepy to me in all the same ways evangelistic christians are.
  • Pick the next item on my reading list!
  • Comparing the Year’s Best anthos.
  • The following blogging ideas are culled from this poll I did way back:

  • Scanned Gems from the Vaults – 3 votes
  • Internal Images of the Self (in two parts) – 2 votes
  • Random Thoughts on Parenting (with links and anecdotes) – 4 votes
  • Stuff I’ve Noticed about Missouri – 5 votes
  • On Being Unemployed – 5 votes
  • Why I am Uncomfortable Drawing Attention to my Religiosity – 6 votes
  • The Stages of Grief, and Why I Think I Might Be Broken – 6 votes
  • Question of Fat – 3 votes
  • Political Identity and Shifting Measures (or, what’s with the astrology question popping up at – 4 votes
  • Extolling the Virtues of Sophia (yet again) – 3 votes
  • Something Other than the Aforementioned Subjects (be specific as to what) – 2 votes for me going into more detail about Spanish lessons at Montessori school

BTW, these are both running lists. I will feel free to come back and expand on them at any time. Man, as of the first posting, I have only a third of the month taken care of if I do everything on the posting list, which I have no intention of doing. I’m going to need a bigger set of ideas to pick from. Maybe a bigger brain. Perhaps both.

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