November 30th, 2006

And here I go out…with a whimper. Have some links:

  • Matthew Cheney’s brilliant Rules for Writing. On a more serious note, quit your whining, they’re just techniques.
  • For Matthew and Deirdra (case you haven’t seen it) : Pain from fibromyalgia is real. In the good news/bad news department, however, I don’t find it reassuring that the studies that demonstrate the for real pain factor also “indicate that fibromyalgia patients have abnormalities within their central brain structures”.
  • In the ego department, have I mentioned my livejournal syndication feed? Set up by birdofparadox, it actually has 2 subscribers!
  • Secret of the Hessian crucibles cracked, and it only took us five hundred years. I love stuff like this. Definitely story fodder. Or maybe you’d like to read about the Greek lunar cycle machine instead.
  • You’ll think this list is being composed by an impostor if I don’t give you something political to be outraged about, won’t you? How about this? Not enough? How about oft-repeated fallacies about the level of violence in Iraq?
  • In the “we had to do a study to figure this out?” department: money really is the root of all evil (or at least the root of selfishness) and kids do not in fact, believe everything they hear.
  • Did you need a set of stack and weigh scales? Your tax dollars at work! Or wait, is the post office supposed to be financially independent? Maybe it’s your future stamp rate hike at work.

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