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Dear Blackwater: You are not helping. Please go home now. Thanks. Kisses, Anarkey.

Dear Madeleine L’Engle: I am not going to be able to write you one of those greatly moving eulogies or remembrances that I’ve read all over the internet in the wake of your passing. I can only say one thing: I’m sad that the woman who taught me the word tesseract is gone from the world. Love, Anarkey.

Dear Jena, Louisiana: Please feel free to join us in this century. Your behavior is appalling. I’ve never been to your town, but I’ve been to Olla, and it makes me think of rustling sun-dried grass and train tracks and cicadas and chewing tobacco. I’ll extend these associations to your town, but only if you cut it out. Seriously, Anarkey.

Dear They Might Be Giants: I adore the new video to your song “I’m Impressed”. Sorry I missed your show a couple of weeks ago. Singing along, Anarkey.

Dear Buddhist monks in Myanmar: I love you for your courage. Fight the good non-violent fight, brothers. Praying for you, Anarkey.

Dear Atheists and Christians: You should read this. No, really. Notice that last entry there? “You’ll never harass the other side out of existence?” Thanks, Anarkey

Dear Belgium: Cheer up. I think you’re a real country. You make great chocolate! Sincerely, Anarkey.

Dear Elissa Wall: I honor your courage. By your example, you make the need for social justice real, and ours. Thank you, Anarkey.


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