February 27th, 2008

  • I like that he voted in favor of the land mine ban treaty (some longtime readers will remember that opposition to the land mine ban has been a particular sticking point of mine with numerous recent democratic candidates). Read what the GYWO guy says about it, and know that I mostly agree with him.
  • I like that his words and delivery are so pitch perfect that they practically make a song, and that someone thought of putting his words to music, and that the song is not half bad, and that it’s hopeful, and that it’s available on youtube. (Yeah, I like it on a lot of levels).
  • I like that no matter whether we get Hillary or Obama as a democratic candidate, that either one will be history making and ground breaking in their own ways. I like standing on the cusp of history, and not due to war or to unrest, but due to human progress. As slacktivist so eloquently phrased it: “For myself, I’d be more than satisfied with either Obama or Clinton as my party’s nominee. I understand that Magic Johnson is supporting Hillary Clinton. Kareem Abdul Jabaar, meanwhile, is supporting Barack Obama. That’s the choice: Magic or Kareem. It’s an understandably tough call, but I’m not complaining about the options.” Ever since reading this, I go around with a little smile, muttering “Magic or Kareem”. It’s not my party, but it’s making me smile anyway. It’s making me hopeful.

As an aside, if you are interested in helping take care of our war detritus (and by that I mean the land mines we leave everywhere we send our armed forces), my charity of choice is Adopt-A-Minefield.

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