February 29th, 2008

It’s a leap year. I should say or do something special, right? Hmm, how about some more pictures? We’ll get through the backlog eventually.

February 2, 2008:
Always Winter, Never Christmas

View of the backyard, with deeper snow than usual.

February 3, 2008:
He's a jukebox hero

Grandpa’s a guitar hero.

February 4, 2008:
Gruesome Wound

My hand, gruesomely wounded and swollen. Actually, the swelling was much diminished by this point, and the wound no longer as painfully infected, but my hand still hurt quite a bit and was basically useless.

February 5, 2008:
Delicious King Cake

And it only took me four years to find a place with a decent King Cake.

February 8, 2008:
Another Morning Sky

Another early morning sky. I am going to try and take one of these every few weeks at roughly the same time, to see if I can get a composite at the end of the year.

February 10, 2008:
Valentine Cookie Baking

Cute kid making cookies at our annual Valentine’s cookie making extravaganza.

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