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The lyrics game

So it’s been a while, and I thought we could all use a tally plus a reminder of how the lyrics game works. As you may have noticed from the “What I’m Listening To” portion of the sidebar, I listen to a lot of music, and music plays an important part of my life. I often use lyrics for post titles, because I love how just a few sung words can so fully express thoughts and feelings.

The game works like this: I award two points to the first person who comments with the next line which follows the one I use as a post title. You can throw in artist and song, if you wish, but what gives you points is the next line of lyrics. In the first iteration of the game I gave points to either answer, but now I’m narrowing the rules a little. Other rules: posts close to comments after one hundred twenty days, so that’s as far back as you can go for your points; also, I may occasionally grant one point to someone for random amusing commentary, but the full two points only comes to the provider of lyrics.

Now I know you can all use google, and it would very sad and unsporting if you used google to get your two points, but if you must, so be it. It’s not cheating to listen to the song, of course. Also, I do not consider it cheating to look at my Last.Fm page (or the sidebar, which tells you the most recent tracks I’ve listened to), and that may give a clue. My tastes are pretty wide-ranging, and I’ll try not to stick to a certain musical ghetto, so everyone will get chances to guess.

So I had to do a little reconstructing from old comments to get the current rankings, but I believe they are thus:

  • 2 points Sunjunkie
  • 2 points Jerm
  • 6 points Lanfaedhe
  • 3 points Dave Lartigue
  • 4 points Elaine

It is still, as they say, anyone’s game. There’s now a nifty tracker on the sidebar, so you can clearly see that Lanfaedhe is the current king daddy of lyrics here at Among Mad People. There’s also a page where you can see the rules, in case you forget them.

At some point, perhaps toward the end of 2010, I’ll declare the game closed, or this round of it closed anyway, and send the winner something wonderful and extraordinary!

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