So I’ve had plenty of things going on, but I’ve not blogged much.  In fact, since this blog is in a new location, none of you can see it yet.  For a while, Facebook filled the need I had to send occasional messages out into the world, and after that, it seemed I’d left the old site derelict for so long that there was no point writing there anymore. I also spent two months this summer essentially without internet access, as well as frighteningly busy (more on that in another post), so blogging fell off the things to do list. Thinking about all the things I’d left pending, and how ugly the site was just made me ignore it.

But here I am, with a great new re-design and motivation to post again. Thanks to Jeremiah Tolbert of Clockpunk Studios for helping with the migration of the site, and for making it look so good.  As any righteous book acknowledgment would tell you: where it looks good it’s to his credit, where it looks bad, the fault lies with me.

So welcome to my introductory (re-introductory?) post to let you know a little of the boring meta stuff.  With any luck, this will be three posts down by the time the site goes live, thus recording the changes for posterity but without requiring anyone to read through them.

Things that are different:

  • I broke down and got the annaschwind.com domain name.  That’s an acknowledgement that I’ve not buried the hatchet so far as writing is concerned and am engaged in brand building and marketing. Or something.
  • I switched from Nucleus to WordPress.  I liked Nucleus fine, mind you, it just had the ability for (and sometimes required) way more customization than I was ready to put into it.  So far the switch is a little bit like moving from PC to Mac land.  Stuff just works, without wrangling and curses.  Also, it’s aesthetically pleasing and intuitive. Yeah. That’s a lot like moving from PC to Mac. Part of the ease with which the move happened was the assistance I had in migration (which was a headache I knew I had coming, and part of what made the old site languish) so I’m just talking about using one versus using the other here, not about transitioning.
  • I can now tag stuff! As if categories weren’t enough. Ha!
  • I’m no longer posting as Anarkey. I am not disavowing my online persona (you can still find me under that name in many a corner of the internet), I’m just linking it to my real life name now, because obscurity and anonymity are my enemies.

Things that are the same:

  • It’s still me writing, with all the notorious irregularity that implies. I’m not going to make any vows to post frequently, but neither will I vanish for six months at a go.
  • I still want to hear from you. Comment away.
  • We’re still playing the lyrics game! I’ll tote up the totals and see if I can’t place them in the sidebar.
  • I also owe some folks some crafty stuff from my crafty meme, which was one of the last things I posted. I am definitely not promising it by year’s end, but I’m promising I haven’t forgotten.

It’s good to be back. Enjoy the site!

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