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Well, it happened yesterday, as I knew it would. I wrote some stuff about Sophia but classified the entry as “In My Life” instead of Sophia because it was so random and rambling and I talked about so many different things in it. There’s some overlap in categories, considering the way I think and write, and I don’t really want to stop one entry and immediately begin another just because I’ve gone off on a tanget. The only entries I want to keep completely separate are the dream journal ones, but even those tempt me to talk about why I think I dreamt something or what happened to me during the day that relates to my dream. Thus far, I’ve avoided the temptation to blur the lines on the dream journal entries. Still, I wish the software I’m using would let me classify entries into more than one category. I also wish from time to time that it had the ability to not just allow selecting by categories, but allow people to unselect or ignore certain categories. If it did that, I would encourage logins, so people could set the types of items that interested them and be able to filter out the rest. That might be almost too much work, though, so I don’t wish it as consistently as I wish for multiple category tagging. Ah well. While I’m on the subject of categories, though, question : does it bother you, as a reader, that I don’t show the item category anywhere in the post itself? I’m sure there’s a way to do this, but I’m not sure that anyone (except me, obviously) cares about it.

What’s his name’s blog is good today. Reminds me of my passport travails.

I added my site to the GeoURL database which tries to group webspace geographically. You include meta tags about your longitude and latitude and it places you on a map and shows you other registered sites within 500 miles of you. Pretty nifty. If you clicky click on the GeoURL tag on my main page under the links, you’ll be taken to a list of all the physically nearby blogs and sites that have entered themselves into the GeoURL database. There’s not much listed in my vicinity yet, but I was thrilled to see Jayroe’s Particle Sphere manga listed. Particle Sphere is going to go in my list of links, whenever I get around to making that, which I expect to be no time soon.

I also attempted to get my site listed on DayPop, since that was plugged when I installed my blog software (along with Weblogs.com, which is pretty cool) and is currently listed on my links. I didn’t make the cut, apparently, since my site was never included, so they may fall off my list of links, though I may give it a few days and try again, instead.

In addition to the previously mentioned self-promotional efforts, I also attempted to list the blog with Blogwise and if that sticks I’ll be adding their icon over on the left near the GeoURL one.

Last, but not least, I upgraded from the 2.0 beta of Nucleus to the full 2.0 version. I was a bit ham-handed with the replacement files, unzipping them into the wrong place not once but twice and so if the blog acts funny in places, please let me know.

Last note : thanks Jerm for leaving a comment on my last meta post for comment testing purposes. It worked as expected and emailed me when you posted it, so it’s all good. Hooray.


Wed 09th Jul 2003 at 3:19 pm

I honestly never notice what category a given article is set to…I just read whatever I haven’t yet read. Without you having explicitly said "there are categories" I wouldn’t have noticed.

Thu 10th Jul 2003 at 11:19 am

Like Lanf, I also havent paid much attention to categories. I noticed them, and fiddled with them once, but it does not bother me in the least that they are not displayed on the given article.

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