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Heard a fascinating interview on NPR a couple of days ago with Raymond McGovern of VIPS. On Monday, that organization issued an open letter to the president that, among other things, called for Cheney’s resignation. I snooped around on the web and found the text of the open letter and an interview with Raymond McGovern. Very interesting reading.

In other astonishing news, the city of Buenos Aires will make history on Friday as becoming the first city in South America to legalize same sex civil unions.

Last but not least, owing to my lifelong interest in language and translation, I found this article aired by NPR on the difficulties of translating certain of the President’s phrasings very thought provoking. There’s something unabashedly and unashamedly self-centered about making no effort whatsoever to de-colloquialize your speech for the world. I think it perfectly reflects the administration’s view that other countries are unimportant and that effectively relaying what we have to say to them is an afterthought, at best.


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