January 1st, 2004

1 Jan 2004, by

Happy New Year!

We had a very quiet New Year’s Eve. We made a brief appearance at a friend’s party, then came home and went to sleep.

I worked hard today trying to get the house straight. It’s never been fully ordered from when we moved in a year ago. Today I tackled the office which had become that room in which we stored all things and practically impassable, much less usable. The shame of this is that we had the dining room completely remodeled to make the office. That space should be a haven, a really useful and comfortable and inviting area. But it never has been anything but a mess. So today I started to try and change that.

List of things I did today:

  • Folded a load of laundry that had been sitting in the dryer for two days.
  • Emptied two suitcases and a carry-on from our trip to Michigan. Put all the unpacked stuff away.
  • Washed and dried and put away three loads of laundry.
  • Unpacked three boxes from the office that had been packed since we moved over a year ago.
  • Took a nap.
  • Alphabetized and put away all the paperback books.
  • Pulled out a stack of books to be gotten rid of. For some reason, no matter how many Robert Jordan books we discard, I keep finding more.
  • Emptied two huge rubbermaid plastic bins that had an assortment of papers, office supplies, stationary, notecards, folders, disks, more papers and pictures.
  • Organized all the pens and pencils and tape and postits and such so that they are now findable and usable.
  • Vaccuumed or dusted the little spot I cleared every time I picked something up off the floor or the shelves in the office.
  • Played with play-doh, read How do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? and Guess How Much I Love You three times a piece, danced, played with beanie babies, drew on post it notes with pens and exchanged a mardi gras necklace with a RedWings logo on it back and forth several times. Kurt watched Sophia for the vast majority of the time today, so you can imagine how little this is of one day in Sophia’s life.
  • Half unpacked a box looking for tiny hair rubberbands. Found them. Will have to finish unpacking that tomorrow because I left a mess in the bathroom.
  • Put away a stack of comics that had been read.
  • Threw numerous things away, including a set of 5 1/4 Windows 3.1 install disks. I have no idea why I had them.
  • Made a stack of things that are Kurt’s.

There. That was quite a day, and though the office still needs work, I feel rather accomplished. I guess this whole nesting thing can make one pretty productive. Now, I’m going to sleep. Good night!

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