January 31st, 2004

31 Jan 2004, by


So last week when I was supposed to be writing, I got sidetracked trying to fix up my page instead. Talk about a vortex of lost time. If your browser played nice with my page all along you likely won’t notice the difference, but if your browser didn’t display my page properly before (for example, Safari) then you should be rather pleased by the results. I wrestled the CSS into submission and fixed all the HTML errors and everyone who has a browser that even remotely understands CSS should be able to read the page with minimal or no issues. Unfortunately, those of you on version 4 of Netscape are out of luck, though I also have a streamlined version of the page that might be legible to you here. So the good news is that my page now validates as HTML 4.01 transitional under’s validator and their CSS validator. If you can’t read it at this point, it’s really not my fault, look to your browser. Shiny new tags indicating my standards compliance are at the bottom of the page.

Next I’ll be tackling the woefully outdated currents on the right hand column, making the sub pages more like the front page, adding plugins, updating the links section and linking back up some stuff I’d unlinked when I first transitioned to the nucleus blog, and, of course adding back all the ancient diary entries that I never put into nucleus. Look for more improvements soon!

For completeness sake, I’ll note that I retroactively added an entry I’d written during Christmas vacations while I had no internet access.

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