August 17th, 2004

I Love You, Madame Librarian — In These Times [Link courtesy of roomtemp].

I love Kurt Vonnegut, so I can’t imagine a person I’d be happier to have shout out the honor of my profession. There’s a slow descent into raving towards the end of the article and the comments are night pointless, but it’s worth it for this line, which I am copying here for those of you with extra short attention spans: “So the America I loved still exists, if not in the White House or the Supreme Court or the Senate or the House of Representatives or the media. The America I love still exists at the front desks of our public libraries.”

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Very quickly, a dream snippet.

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Yeah, I’ve been tweaking the RSS feed for the site, in anticipation of making the SlithyToves Main Page an RSS aggregator for hosted blogs instead of its own place to post things. I hadn’t mentioned it or added a link yet because it was still evolving, but then I did mention it, so now I have to add a link. Depending on your RSS preference you can get :

There’s also now links on the Navigation sidebar that mimic the ones I just pasted here, in case this entry scrolls away to the archives before you get around to adding them to whatever RSS reader you are using.

In other site news, I discovered when looking for a Nucleus plugin that would let me display the full text of articles in my feed that I am a full version behind on Nucleus. Expect an upgrade to version 3.1 soon, with possible interruptions of service that may well entail. I also noticed some glitches on some of my back pages so there’ll be tweaking of the css to make those look like I intend them to. Additionally, while in plugin-land I got lots of ideas about things I can add here, so there may be exciting, new features soon as well (no promises). What I’m really looking for is a way to create more inter-navigation between my site, my husband’s site and my daughter’s site. We’re all using the same blogging software on the same box, so it shouldn’t, in theory, be that difficult to accomplish. Last but not least, I have been working on the “currents” sidebar, but it’s still outdated, so I’ll be seeing to that soonish.

As always, I strive to please, and enjoy the site!

While I’m blathering on about the blog, I thought I’d mention that I’ve had several people I work with come up to me and tell me, usually in a whispered undertone, that they read my blog sometimes. It’s flattering and strange at once, as though two very different spaces I navigate have collided. I had an entry or two planned about work, actually, that I’m kind of waffling on as a result of the unexpected following I have there. I’ll find a way to say what I want to, though, hopefully without getting fired or stepping on too many toes or giving the wrong impression. I think that some of the reason people seem so shy when they tell me about reading my site is because of the confessional nature of my blog. I tend to let it all hang out here, and self-censor very little. If people feel, when reading this very public blog, like they’ve rummaged through my drawer and picked up my very private diary by mistake, then one of the goals that I seek to accomplish in writing is met. It is my nature to be honest and direct. Obviously not everything is said here. You won’t find my phone number, and there are details I purposely omit or alter from time to time, and I try to protect other people’s privacy where I think it’s merited, but I do strive for intellectual and emotional honesty. Lately much of that honesty has involved how horribly I feel about the loss of my youngest daughter Simone, but I can begin to imagine a day when I am honest about other things, other events and other emotions.

Thank you for reading.

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