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I have much to tell you but not much time in which to tell it. Had a great Labor Day weekend, followed by a very difficult week. I hope to have time to go into both at some point. Have composed numerous blog entries in my head that have not made it here (yet). I have been quite busy and foresee no letup in the near future. My reward for not writing these dreams down when I had them (other than the loss of clarity) is to not have had a remembered dream for a good week now. So, without further meanderings, here are several dreams had in the recent past, or what is left of them.

I dreamed that I was in this large building with many floors. I was riding a bike in a wooden sloping hallway that went around the building. There were lots of windows on my left and sunlight was streaming in. I was checking all the rooms that branched off the hallway (to my right) because it was my job to make sure the place was safe.

I dreamed that I was standing in an urban park and that a tiny anime style robot, about three feet tall, was coming to attack us. It could make duplicates of itself somehow. I wasn’t all that intimidated by it, but I ran up a hill into a parking lot, got into a green convertible that I don’t think was mine, and sped away.

I dreamed that a very young Whoopi Goldberg and I were fighting zombies in a place that seemed a lot like my high school. It was very scary and she showed me this trick about being completely still and how they would pass you by if you didn’t move at all but it was really hard to do because they would come up really close to and all I wanted to do was scream but I didn’t want to die.


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