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It was midmorning before I realized that the thoughts in my head were natural outgrowths of what I had dreamed about. I have been having lots of dreams but struggling to remember them. Last night I did a long (for me) shoulder stand before going to bed which I think may have helped me recall what I dreamed about. I’m hoping to get to five minute shoulder stands, nightly, but I only lasted for about two and a half minutes before having to come down. Something to work toward. Also, it’ll be interesting to see whether it makes me remember more of my dreams consistently or whether that was just a coinkydink.

I dreamed that I was looking at myself in the mirror and noting all my bald spots. That turned into looking at a picture of myself from last year, and comparing that to my current state. In the picture my hair is very thin and the bald spots extremely obvious. Now, they are much better. I was pleased by that.


Thu 14th Apr 2005 at 3:09 pm

I fear the day my bald spots become obvious. Luckily that is years away.

I’d try to stand on my shoulders before sleeping, but I’m afraid I might break something — like a nightstand, or a neck.

If you want to write a lot of blog entries, but not log on to the internet much, you can always write the blog entries offline and upload a bunch at a time.

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