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Not from last night, from the night before.

I dreamed that we were standing in our old house, and that it was mostly vacant. It was long and rectangular, with a low roof and dark wood paneling. The windows were narrow and it was generally dark. There was a wooden staircase, the kind that isn’t solid, and you can look between the steps onto the floor below. I was there with my parents, who were talking about buying furniture for the new house. I kept telling them that they’d better not buy anything for the new (current) house until they’d at least seen it, because it was pretty full of furniture already. My dad kept saying he didn’t have a desk, and I kept saying that the table he’d used as a desk was there, and that furthermore there was no room for a desk. They kept arguing with me, like I was telling them not to buy furniture, and I kept trying to explain that I didn’t care at all if they bought furniture or not, but that it seemed pretty imprudent to buy furniture for a place you’ve never seen.


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