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Everyone needs to stop what they’re doing right now and go pester Legomancer to stop talking politics (or at least pause for breath, you know) and turn his energies to photoshopping Helo with flan as per my conversation with him yesterday:

me: so you basically turn off your brain about the “cylon plan” part?
11:42 AM Dave: yeah, i just don’t think about it
it’s not that huge a deal the further you go
me: hmmm, maybe i’ll have to try that
11:43 AM Dave: it’s not like “lost” or even “the x-files” where it’s a mystery that drives the show
and so if you don’t pay attention there’s no point in watching
11:44 AM me: gotcha
maybe i latched onto that a little too much
but hey they keep reminding me at the beginning of EVERY episode
11:45 AM Dave: heh i was just gonna say that
me: maybe the episode opening changes in season 3

Dave: no
they still “have a plan now”
me: hahahahaha
stupid show writers
well i haven’t given up yet
11:46 AM Dave: actually now it says “AND THEY HAVE A FLAN” and sci fi is claiming that they were ALWAYS referring to a custard-like dessert
11:47 AM me: rofl rofl rofl
so THAT’s why they’re keeping helo alive. he is the only one who can cook a good flan!
11:50 AM Dave: right
this is all a big misunderstanding
me: hahahahaha
11:51 AM see i just did your blog post for you. helo with a big flan
Dave: haha
11:52 AM me: it’s not like there’s no precedent about photoshopped galactica people with desserts
Dave: that would be my SECOND dessert-based BSG post
me: right!
11:53 AM ok now i’m hungry, afk

Folks, only you can make it happen. Go, now, request! Cast your vote for Helo, with flan. Or creme brulee.

Two posts in one day! Now, it’s almost like I did post on November 1, isn’t it?

ETA : See? Ask and ye shall receive. Isn’t the web wonderful?


Mon 06th Nov 2006 at 12:10 pm

creme brulee!

Wed 08th Nov 2006 at 9:08 am


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