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When I start one of these posts, I always hear that Semisonic song “Closing Time” in my head because I clear out all my opened tabs.

We’ll start with the freaky, cool science news : vampire bats can find you by your breathing, arctic warming is killing polar bears, the bigger the dinosaur the hotter the body temp, the Royal Society issues a statement on the teaching of evolution, a child who engages in pretend play learns to speak with ease, a unique view on gender bias in science from a person who is transgendered, the same genes act differently based on gender, and beautyberry repels mosquitoes. Yes, Science Daily is awesome.

I’ve had a lot of fun pretending to be an abstract painter with this cool little app. Sophia even used it some. Also very visual and very cool is the presidential speeches tag cloud. How come presidents don’t talk about labor anymore? Or the treasury?

The “common fantasy tongue” is fascinating, if you’re at all a language geek.

Need forms to help you get organized? Try these. I’ve been using the freezer inventory form for almost a year now. Handy since the freezer is on a completely different floor than the kitchen.


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