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For the first time in ages, I followed my own lucid dreaming advice, and told myself to remember my dreams last night. Thus, I have multiple dreams to report.

Several pieces, or maybe several dreams. In the first section, I was meeting up with Kyra whom I haven’s seen in many, many years. We were riding from her house to my house, and it involved that vast, open tract on highway 61 near greenville. I think she may have lived in the delta, but it wasn’t at all like the delta when we got there. Her house was small and dark. The country was full of wheat, sprouted and golden, instead of the more usual cotton and soybeans. At some point, Kyra had a small child, a son or perhaps a daughter (or perhaps the child changed back and forth).

A different section, where I am with two other people and we are magicians. We’ve come to this place that’s haunted by the spirit of a magician, but at first we’re not aware that the spirit is there (yah, this is plot ripped straight from Melusine, I think). The house has a central courtyard, with a modern fountain and tiled flooring. The fountain is the kind that’s a tall rock and water slides down it. The spirit whispers to us, beckons, from the darkened doorways on all sides of the courtyard.

Now I am guiding three people through the adventure of encountering the magician’s spirit. We are at a table, they have dice. I am explaining that they only have three stats (apparently the game is somewhat homebrew): str, wisdom and one other. All these stats are mental/magic. One is for casting, one is for defense, one is for sensing spells/magic. We are missing one of our players. We recruit one person in the apartment to join us, but I am not happy with his interest level. For one thing, he criticizes me calling one of the mental stats strength. I wish Charlie were here, he’s a good player.


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