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I tried waking myself up. Rather, I tried letting myself I would need to wake up soon, because it was almost time. I didn’t feel all panicky when I couldn’t move, and eventually, what felt like not long after, I did wake up. I told myself, “See? You can’t stay asleep forever, no matter what. You always wake up eventually.”

Several series, and I’m not sure I can remember them all

At some point, I was in Brazil with Bruce Sterling. There was a waterfall. We were looking for, or perhaps avoiding, “loqueras” which were some kind of a cross between girl gangsters and street dancers of some types. The whole time I was with Bruce Sterling, there was no person next to me, because apparently my mind cannot produce a picture for him.

At another point I was holding hands, fingers intertwined with Kurt’s. There was a white tablecloth under our hands.


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