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Being an example. In someone else’s post about writers.

Didn’t you wonder where I’d been?

You’ll also find good, sensical commentary about slush from Ann. You have already heard her story “Hesperia and Glory” on Escape Pod, right? Because it’s awesome. No, really. I speak truth: there is not now, nor has there ever been a well in my basement.

Free advice for writers from my friend Sarah,”Because that two adjectives for every noun thing? It needs to stop. Now.” I’m reminded of it by my adjectives “good” and “sensical” in the previous paragraph. But do note how many nouns went through unadorned, will you?

Have a dream.

Three nights ago, I dreamt I was in this bicycling tour/class taught by former (and much missed) yoga teacher, Judy (may she teach me again). We were in Germany. I was riding in a vehicle next to this guy whom I thought was cute (I couldn’t remember, on waking, anything about what he looked like). A guy coming the opposite way, on a bicycle, had these tremendous dreadlocks, some of which were blue. I said to the man sitting next to me,”Wie sagt man ‘dreadlocks’ auf Deutsch?”


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