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So, last you saw was January 10, right? The picture of my not dead oregano.

January 11, 2008:
Swimming Lessons

I drove my daughter to her swimming lessons and went on the pool deck with my camera. I took a ton of pictures and this is one of my favorites.

January 12, 2008:
Sophia with UV bead braceletSophia with Railroad Spikes

First is a picture of a UV bead bracelet. The beads change the intensity of their color depending on how much UV light hits them. Inside they are often white. Outside they turn colors, from soft pastel to more intense hues, as they absorb light. Second is a picture of my daughter playing with railroad spikes.

January 13, 2008:
Detail of Relief at the Art Museum

We spent some time at the art museum on Sunday the 13th. Most of the pictures of stuff I took didn’t turn out well (flash is forbidden and I haven’t yet learned how to compensate for that), but this one was decent, I thought.

January 14, 2008:
Tea Box

Tea box I got for Christmas, filled with some of my very favorite teas and tisanes. Makes you want to have a cup, doesn’t it? C’mon over, I have types to please every palate.

January 15, 2008:
Oz in basket

Oz curled up in his basket. Rorschach uses it more than Oz, but they both love to curl up in it, especially when it is cold.

I didn’t take pictures on either the 16th or the 17th, so that’s three days I’ve missed so far. The extra leap year day no longer suffices to give me a 365 day streak. Alas. We knew it was bound to happen. Still, the project is working. I’m taking tons of pictures. I’m touching my camera almost every day. I call it good.

January 18, 2008:
Desolate winter garden

I drive by the school garden every day when I drop my daughter off. I’ve been noticing how desolate it looks, and wondered if I could capture that sense with a photograph. I don’t believe it worked.

January 19, 2008:
Red Bird, Blue Sky

I took a half dozen pictures of this cardinal in the leafless honeysuckle, trying to convey how bright it looked against the drab tree. I’m not satisfied with any of the shots. It just doesn’t look the way it looked to my eyes, a strong splash of color in an otherwise dull landscape.

January 20, 2008:
Flag on Tuxedo

On this walk I took directed pictures. That is, I told Sophia to keep her eyes open for interesting things and I would take pictures of them. I didn’t argue with anything she suggested and thus ended up with this pretty awesome picture of a flag, which I would not have photographed on my own.

January 21, 2008:
Sophia with paper doll Natalie

MLK day, so Sophia was off, and we went in to have lunch with Kurt near where he works. This is Sophia sitting at the table with her paper doll, Natalie.

I apologize for the radio silence, and also for the subsequent gumming up of your feed with multiple entries, including a massive photographic entry. I incapacitated my right hand last week, and that, coupled with some laptop issues prevented me from doing anything useful for the better part of two weeks. I’m still recovering, but I am able to type some if I don’t push it, and most of these entries were already mostly typed, just not posted (because of aforementioned laptop issues). I had no idea how many of my daily tasks required fine manual dexterity. I’m glad I didn’t have to get a pirate hook instead of a hand, that totally would have sucked. Meanwhile, I’m still going to try and get pictures done twice a week, which would mean more like three to five pictures per post, instead of ten.


Tue 04th Mar 2008 at 6:19 am

Ani, I love the "desolate" park, not necessarily for desolation, but for the most interesting lighting that gives a fadeaway sensation to the background. I also like the flag.

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