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Well, I’m having intermittent networking issues, which has made me reluctant to post pictures, because they crash more often than post, being substantially bigger than a standard text post.

Still, I’m getting way, way, way behind, and I don’t have a good handle on how many days I’ve missed pictures for because I haven’t been posting them.

Here begins a small remedy.

January 22, 2008:
Light Footprints

Can you see the little squirrel (I’m guessing) footprints on the fine layer of snow? I’m not sure anyone can tell what they are from the picture.

January 23, 2008:
Frost on Windshield

I cannot tell you how surprised I am that this picture worked. I didn’t expect it to, but the fine detail of the ice crystals is clearly visible. It’s the sort of picture I might have told myself not even to bother trying in the past.

January 26, 2008:
Bunny Ears

Everyone has bunny ears! Well, except Jason, and I don’t know why Jason manages to avoid bunny ears. Out of town friends visiting. Taken in my ugly-colored living room, the one that everyone comes into and says “My, I love this color,” which makes me feel bad about wanting to paint it. I hate that color.

January 27, 2008:
Ice Blocks

Remnants of the Loop Ice Carnival, a week old. Next year maybe I’ll get pictures of the actual sculptures!

January 28, 2007:

Empanadas, ready to be fried.

January 29, 2008:
Sergei in the car

There has never been a dog in the history of all mankind who loves rides as much as Sergei does. Here he is, in his usual attentive to surroundings while riding posture.

January 30, 2008:
Elementary Montessori Classroom

A kid in Sophia’s class doing work. I had stayed a few minutes to talk to the office and when I walked through the classroom the light level was awesome and all the kids were hard at work, so I took a few pictures.

February 1, 2008:
Kids with Snowman

A big snowfall and a walk down to a nearby park with a good sledding hill led to a ton of pictures. Here’s one of Sophia and a neighborhood friend next to the snowman they built (with help from the friend’s father).

Bonus picture for February 1 of sledding hill:
Deer Creek Sledding Hill

I have more, but I don’t like to cram all the pictures into one post, so expect more picture posts later. If this one goes through, that is.


Wed 27th Feb 2008 at 9:38 am

I love the picture with the snowman. Not sure I’ve ever seen such an angry looking one before, it made me laugh!

Wed 27th Feb 2008 at 1:11 pm

Mmmmmm……empenadas! Are they as popular in Argentina as in Peru? I’m impressed that you make them. I haven’t learned yet.

Wed 27th Feb 2008 at 2:30 pm

Lanf –

Empanadas are extremely popular in Argentina. I make them myself because I can get frozen shells at my local international grocer. My sister in law makes the dough for the shells from scratch, which is much more impressive than thawing shells and stuffing them. Still tasty the easy way, though.

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