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I slept poorly, but at least there was a graspable dream.

I dreamt that I was driving up to St. Louis to meet the Atchleys and Kurt. I was in a small white car, that I think was Japanese. I was having trouble finding a parking place and I kept driving around and around the block. Finally I parked on the corner and got out and went to the Atchley’s house. Kurt and Dave were at work, so I sat on a couch at the front of the house looking out the window. It was one of those windows that despite starting at couch height on the inside, started at ground level on the outside. When Dave and Kurt came back, they wanted to know where I parked. When I went to show them, some guy in a big truck sideswiped Dave’s car (while parking behind him). It was a small, old mini looking thing, with sage green paint that looked like primer. The funny little round light on the left front fender had been popped.


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