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And now I will recount the weekend’s remembered dreams. Topics covered include war sacrifices, travel, airplanes and food.

Before this gets too fuzzy let me start with last night. I had a series of dreams and I only recall bits and pieces of each. At one point I was traveling and needed to get on a plane to New Orleans. I was walking through an aiport terminal that was carpeted and had lots of windows and sunshine. After I descended some stairs and it was dark, like night time dark, but there were artificial lights. I was hungry and my friend Jerm had brought me a large piece of dark chocolate shaped like a castle. Later on a former co-worker of mine was going on about how he was not enlisting for the war because he was doing some greater good and he wrote this long sappy letter about how he’d given up his liver to some soldier who needed a liver transplant. I was standing around with some of my current co-workers and I turned to them and said, “I don’t buy it. Who’d be willing to take his liver?”

Night before last I dreamed that my husband and I had gotten into Neil Gaiman’s mini and that it was much much larger on the inside than on the outside. There were three sets of seats (mini-van style) and everyone was quite comfortable. I exclaimed that there was really a surprising amount of room in here and wasn’t this nice.


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