20 August 2004 by Published in: dreams 1 comment

Two nights ago, I dreamed about legos.

I dreamed that I was moving and therefore had to take care of all my legos. I was trying to decide whether to take them completely apart or whether to take them apart in chunks that could be easily put back together. I was looking for boxes that would be the right size to pack them in. In another part of this same dream I was in a long line trying to get documentation for travel (a passport, I think) and I was behind my parents in this long line along a sidewalk in the middle of a city. The streets were cobblestone streets.


Fri 20th Aug 2004 at 10:34 pm

The way to go is to break them into chunks. One time I moved all mine, I took them apart down to the brick, thinking what fun it would be to put them all together again, but it’s SO daunting (I have probably 200 sets that were at one time all assembled on display) that I can’t even get started. It’s been years and they’re still in boxes. :(

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