November 7th, 2004

Here starts a new week, a week that will be incredibly busy for me. On Wednesday the movers will come and pack our stuff up, on Thursday Sophia and Sergei and I will drive to St. Louis, on Friday we close on our new house there (or as Sophia calls it “our new old house”), and on Saturday the movers show up with our furniture and stuff to unload it. They’ve forecast snow for the day we close on the house, can you believe it? After Tuesday internet access will be tricky, as our cable will be shut off then and I’ll be in transit shortly thereafter and so on. However, never fear, for the site will still be up, as the server is chugging along over at Shasticon’s house. Admit it, you didn’t even notice there was down time a couple of weeks back when we moved it, did you? We try hard to make the whole magic show appear seamless, yessir. I’m still hoping to be able to post something, even something small, every day. However, if I manage to, it will be more than just an accomplishment of dedication, but also a real amazing feat in terms of logistics.

The best part about being in St. Louis at last will be not having our family splintered in a bunch of directions. We need to be together again.

We also desperately need to sell our house. Two mortgages will put us under pretty quickly. Unfortunately, our house is not even being aggressively shown, so I am not feeling very hopeful about a rapid sale. It’s apparently not a great time of year to try to sell a house either, from what I’m told, not that I know anything about real estate. I know there’s someone out there for whom our house would be the perfect house. It’s a very nice house. I need for that someone to see my house and buy it from me. Unlike some, I don’t enjoy having more houses than I have bodies (though if I were unlimitedly wealthy, I might consider having a several places to call home). I (sort of) jokingly told Kurt today that I was going to be buying all our winter wardrobes out of a thrift shop.

The good news is that I looked it up and you don’t have to take bird feeders down in St. Louis. Or anywhere. The “birds won’t migrate if you have feeders out” thing is a
. So that’s good to know. I feel obligated to publicly correct myself in case someone else was taking my word for it about removing feeders. That’s the thing about a blog, you say it, people read it and they might just believe it. Got to be careful.

This is going to mean nothing to most of the people who read this, but tonight, for the first time ever, I told Sophia the bojaby story as a bedtime story. I butchered it a little, but I don’t think she noticed. We both enjoyed ourselves very much. I look forward to refining my storytelling skills.

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