November 17th, 2004

17 Nov 2004, by

Today I wrote 1834 words on the new short story, which as of yet is unnamed. I think I am about half way through it, and believe I should be able to finish it this week. I can’t tell anything about it : whether it’s good or bad or something in between, whether it’s boring, whether it will be the sort of thing I can market, whether I should put it up on the webpage, whether it will need a lot of editing. I cannot concern myself with any of these other things until it is finished, but I do hope at least some of these things will be clearer to me when I do.

I’m generally a slow writer, so I’m extremely pleased with my word count for today. If I can keep up that sort of pace, I will be very productive. Of course, I feel that even though I cannot tell the quality of what I’ve written, the amount I’ve written today is on the high side and unusual for me, so I don’t really believe I will be able to do that well every day. NaNoWriMo sets a pace of 1666 words a day for 30 days and I’ve found it to be staggeringly hard to keep up with but not completely out of the realm of possibility, since I met the word count one year and came fairly close last year.

If I finish the story this week, that will be sooner than I expected, and I’m trying not to have jitters about what will be next. I’m not sure I have something lined up to be next yet, and what would I do then? Still, that’s getting ahead of myself. One thing at a time, right? Anyways, I’m supposed to keep the blog in reserve as a place to keep my writing fingers from rusting if I’m not actively working on a story, so I won’t be idle no matter what.

All in all, I’m pretty proud of how this is starting out.

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