November 9th, 2004

I just can’t help it, this guy is so right on the money and I’m always simultaneously giggling and grimacing when I read his strips. Even post-election these are still funny. I just have to share:

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A correction: apparently, it’s Bojabi, not Bojaby. I have never actually read the story, only had it told to me, so how was I to know? Anyways, apologies to the Bantu for getting it wrong, though I have to say, I’m partial to the y spelling. I’d love to scare up a copy of the original folktale, but it looks to be hard to come by. This story has a lot of family history for me. My mother was told it by her mother, who was told it by someone in her family. For some time we thought it was an invented story, as no one but us seemed to know it. However, it turns out that the original family storyteller one time fessed to having read it somewhere. Thus are family traditions made.

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9 Nov 2004, by

Anne Rice

Dream follows.

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