November 12th, 2004

12 Nov 2004, by

I’m in St. Louis! Right now, I’m at a friend’s house on their wireless network. I could have typed something when I got here last night, but I was beat. It rained on me the whole drive, sometimes really hard and other times just a drizzle. There was plenty of white-knuckled driving and my brain was totally fried by the time I got here. However, we got here in one piece, safely, and the only awful part about it was the weather. Sophia watched one dvd (Blue’s Clues), and the rest of the time she sang songs, slept or talked to Sergei. I love her growing sense of empathy. When I said that he was a little nervous, she immediately went into comforting mode, assuring him that “It would be ok, and it was going to be a long car ride, but it wouldn’t be too long.”

In a few minutes we are leaving to hand over a big fat cashier’s check and sign on our new house. More later.

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