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So I half-expected a knowledgeable word person to tell me in the comments of my Samuel entry,”Oh yes, of course, you’re talking about l’espirit du auditiff” or something and no one did. So maybe there is no universal descriptor for my experience.

I dreamed that some apocalypse occurred that got rid of all the leaders. All the regular people were still there, but anyone in any position of direction or power had vanished. It was an apocalypse of sorts, but the only menace was other people. I was hiding with a friend of mine, my best friend in the dream. We were sitting under a table. I wanted us to stick together, but she wouldn’t be quiet. Finally, we parted ways. The place was a little like my school growing up, and I turned the corner into the nurse’s office.

I started to pack a bag of things I needed, and for some reason grabbed about a dozen surgical scissors that I thought might double as weapons for me. Then I heard people coming, so I climbed up on a white filing cabinet. Two girls came in. They saw me, but they also wanted to hide, so they did not reveal my whereabouts. Some time later I was outside, and decided to go a different direction from where everyone else was going.


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