15 Dec 2006, by

Dream soundtrack

Yes, I am trying to push the pity party entry down the page, thanks for asking. For this to work, I’ve dispensed with the extended entry I usually do on dreams. It’s not dream content so much as dream commentary, this time around.

Last night I woke in the middle of the night and had some trouble going back to sleep. This doesn’t happen often, but I do have tricks to get around it. I used the spring unwinding trick (which my husband always makes fun of me for because he thinks it’s ludicrous and silly. Which is probably true. But it works, so what can I say?), except instead of it just being a spring this time, it was a spiral staircase I was following, descending down into sleep.

When my sleep is disrupted and I wake a lot at night, I become aware of a facet of my dreams that I don’t otherwise remember or mention. This is the dream soundtrack. There’s almost always music in my dreams. Actual for real music that I know of and listen to. Last night’s songs were two : the “Boinga” song from the Backyardigans episode I watched with my daughter before going to bed (it’s a good song, Alicia Keys guest sings and she’s smooooove) and “Alice” by the Sisters of Mercy. I can’t remember which was first, but I wonder if my brain was riffing on the “Alice” name when it pulled up both of those particular songs.

I haven’t heard Sisters of Mercy in ages. I will go remedy that right now. That’s bound to cheer me up, right?

“Alice in her party dress
She thanks you kindly
So serene
She needs you like she needs her tranqs
To tell her that the world is clean
To promise her a definition
Tell her where the rain will fall
Tell her where the sun shines bright
And tell her she can have it all

— Sisters of Mercy

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10 Dec 2006, by

Waking up again

I tried waking myself up. Rather, I tried letting myself I would need to wake up soon, because it was almost time. I didn’t feel all panicky when I couldn’t move, and eventually, what felt like not long after, I did wake up. I told myself, “See? You can’t stay asleep forever, no matter what. You always wake up eventually.”

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For the first time in ages, I followed my own lucid dreaming advice, and told myself to remember my dreams last night. Thus, I have multiple dreams to report.

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So I half-expected a knowledgeable word person to tell me in the comments of my Samuel entry,”Oh yes, of course, you’re talking about l’espirit du auditiff” or something and no one did. So maybe there is no universal descriptor for my experience.

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13 Nov 2006, by

Furry Bread

Not last night, the night before.

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Before I tell you about this dream, I just want to celebrate how great my husband is (contrary to what my dreamself implies). I spent most of Friday trying to find a way to minimize comment spam. As I’ve mentioned, dealing with the spam takes up an increasing amount of my time, and I was a little intimidated about posting more frequently, because I feared more posts would mean even more spam to deal with. I’d have to take care of this before I could really commit to NaBloPoMo. So I spent most of Friday trying to get my blacklist plugin to drop any comments with more than four URLs on the floor. It’s an easy enough proposition, but I failed.

When my husband got home on Friday night, he hacked the php script for the blacklist and, while I was gone to yoga, made it work.

It’s beautiful to behold, folks. In the last 15 hours, I’ve blacklisted 170 spam comment messages: 45 with my old set of filters and 125 with Kurt’s modification targeting four or more URLs. That’s 125 messages that never sent me an email (I get email when comments make it to the moderation area or to the newer posts, which is how I know I’ve got to delete spam over here). 125 things I did not have to deal with in any way whatsoever. Just poof, gone, magic.

Most of you don’t use URLs in your comments, but if you do, keep it to less than four or your comment will be /dev/nulled. I’ll never see it. Isn’t life wonderful?

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My category counter (on the left) says I have 98 entries in the dream category before this one. But my last dream entry was numbered 94. I believe the machine more than I believe myself, which would make this 99. Alright then, next one will be 100.

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28 Sep 2006, by

Dream Entry # 94

References : Bachelet, Morales, da Silva, Chavez. Though only Bachelet is part of the dream.

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