April 11th, 2003

11 Apr 2003, by

I’ve been busy at work, getting ready to move. You see, we’re having to move out of our rented suite back to the overcrowded old building before moving again in three months to the new building. Because the old building is overcrowded, all the stuff we have in our rented suite won’t fit there, so we have to pack it up two ways : stuff to be put in the new building with all the equipment and furniture that’s arriving daily and stuff we will need in the next three months. It has come to my attention that I have a lot of equipment. Computers, monitors, keyboards, cables, etc. I have a lot to look after. There’s also a whole series of entrenched politics and internecine turf wars in the old building that we’re suddenly going to be involved in which we have been blissfully set apart from until now.

On the plus side, I finally upgraded my labtob to 10.2. I did this because printing from Vim was giving me fits. And what I mean by fits is, I wasn’t able to make it work. At all. Ever. If what I’m reading is right, 10.2 uses cups which I understand, so hopefully I’ll be able to make Vim print. All this work to get a copy of Cualcotel printed so I can read it and finish it.

I’m reading American Gods, by Neil Gaiman. I guess I shouldn’t write that, since that will immediately make it obvious that my currents section is not as updated as it could be. I’m still reading Artemis Fowl, but that’s a book Kurt and I are reading aloud. Lately, we’ve been unable to read aloud at night, because Sophia has been slow to fall asleep. I’m hoping that soon, she will be included in the reading aloud portion of reading at night anyways. I’m not sure where to start. If you’ve suggestions of a nice easy children’s book with chapters that can be read over several nights to a two year old, leave a comment! Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Oh, one last thing, next big project with Sophia will probably be potty training, so the diary may get a little scatological in the near future – consider this your disclaimer and warning.

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