April 2nd, 2003

I’ve got lots yet to do on the page, but I’m stalled by the detour I’ve taken with my iBook to Apple Hardware Hell. I think I probably mentioned here that Sophia and I conspired to destroy my power adapter, lovely thing that it was. This kept me from taking my iBook to Virginia. Well, the local guy who deals in Apple stuff ordered me a replacement part and charged me 180 bucks. Part arrived and was picked up and all should be well again, right? Wrong. The item I have is not the right part and the part I need should not cost 180 bucks but 80. What is wrong with this picture? Is my local Apple guy incompetent or just taking me by the nose or both? Meanwhile, all the things I have come to depend on my labtob to do remain undone (the budget, the photos, the cds to be burned). I thought the reason you paid more in apple hardware land was for the extra cute quotient and the convenience of not having to know which thing went to which piece, because you were paying for someone to tell you. Apparently, it is not so easy. Not only that, but today on the day of my crisis, my apple confidante has the gall to go to work and be unavailable on IM and so forth. I’m sure all you PC’ers are snickering at me now, but the problem here is not really my iBook or the missing component or the wayward apple store that doesn’t get me the part I need and makes me scrounge around the net for hours until I find a picture and a price (This! This is the part I’m looking for!). The problem is that I cannot get anything done without my iBook anymore. No PC was ever this integral to my life and functioning.

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It’s a day late and a dollar short, but if you need some levity, take a look at the Museum of Hoaxes Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time [link credit to Legomancer ]

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