May 2nd, 2003

2 May 2003, by

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I dropped one of the daily read blogs from my list. The victim was Lileks. He just wore me out with bile, I think. Also, I kept getting the feeling that I was reading some hypercompetitive and especially nerdy adolescent’s snappy comebacks, thought up hours after the dialogue occurred in the loneliness of his darkened bedroom. This is far from an accurate picture, and my inability to shake this unkind impression was part of what made me give it up. He’d cut and paste from various forums and blogs where he’d been trawling for people with inelegant writing and political opinions that varied from his own and let loose on the posters with his carefully calculated array of ultimate insults, all in the safety of his own webspace. Voicing your opinion and countering other people’s opinions is what the web is all about, in my opinion, and I’m not necessarily denigrating the practice of acknowledging and responding to what one reads on the Internet, but I just couldn’t muster any interest for this particular blog anymore. Not enough Gnat, too much politics and too much “nyah,nyah,nyah”.

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