May 16th, 2003

Kurt and I went to see The Matrix Reloaded yesterday with a crowd of people from his work. Our general impressions were : it was a good movie, worth seeing in and of itself that was nevertheless not as good as the first one. I thought they pushed too hard to try to come up with visual fight scene effects on par with the first movie and largely failed. The effects seemed contrived most of the time (though where they worked, they worked extremely well). There were some great fight scenes with some neat effects, but I did find myself tapping my foot impatiently in the middle of some of the action sequences and wondering just how long this was going to go on. Kurt thought it was too talky, and I thought it wasn’t quite talky enough (or at least, not the right kind of talky) since I apparently came away with a different (likely incorrect) interpretation of what was going on in the movie than everyone else I saw the movie with.

Spoilers in the rest of my comments, read more at your own risk.

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16 May 2003, by

Fixes and tweaks galore made on Wednesday. Screen width is set at 800, apologies to anyone viewing 640 x 480. The right bar no longer floats, so if you’re in mad resolution I imagine there’s lots of space out to the right of the pictures. Consider it a peaceful sea of emptiness or something. I’ve modified the css so that it’s hopefully less broken in IE. I also changed around some of the font sizes in the different sections, hopefully increasing legibility. I’ve also tweaked the comment section so the comments are somewhat more visible. All of these minor changes took an absurdly long time, and I expect not to be changing much about the overall look for a good long time. Focus now switches to content. I want to add my old link list, finish the loading of the older entries and suchlike.

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