May 29th, 2003

29 May 2003, by

I have so many things to write about Sophia that I’ve started putting it off, so I guess I’ll just start and write a couple of things and if I don’t get to everything I meant to write, well, too bad. Anyways, this week Sophia moved up to Toddler C, the potty training class. They made this class because they had too many toddlers, and so she and some of her buddies have graduated. She first went to this class on Tuesday, and has yet to have the normal teacher that she will have in this class as she has been out with a sick child. She seems to be adapting ok, better than I thought she would, though maybe this is because she has most of her same playmates with her. On Friday it will be her birthday, and she will turn two. I’ve been talking it up all week, but I don’t think she fully understands what is happening. We’re just doing a family thing this year, but we’re getting balloons and an ice cream cake so it should be pretty festive.

The biggest news on the Sophia front is probably her now regular “I Love You”s. She has been saying it to Kurt as he left for work (mimicking me) several times for several weeks, but last Saturday was the first time she said it to me as I was leaving for a day of gaming. It was so wonderful. Now she sometimes says it out of the blue, without prompting, usually when one or the other of us is leaving. It’s very sweet and fills my heart with joy to hear it.

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