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Ha! Still on the internet. The movers are here, busy as little bees. OK, so they actually aren’t that little, but they are working hard and are very nice. They’ve been especially tolerant of Sophia, who so far has told them in great detail about how Ankylosaurus has a ball on his tail, how Velociraptor is always hungry, and how dinosaurs eat people. When one of them asked if dinosaurs could fly she told them no. Well, except Pteranodon, she amended quickly. She’s also regaled them with an orderly and specific outline of how trick-or-treating works (you dress up, ring the doorbell, say trick-or-treat, then get candy!). She’s even “helped” them wrap the chairs in the furniture pads. Right now she’s peering into the truck, watching them move boxes around and asking them 10,000 questions about what they are doing. They’ve been very nice to her and when people are nice to one’s children, they automatically go in the book of good people, if you know what I mean.

The cable guy is now officially late to take his cable modem away, but I’m not going to complain. Things are getting packed up all around by the movers. The kitchen is pretty much empty, and they’ve started on the attic. It’s pretty amazing to watch them at work. There’s a casual efficiency to their movements. We’re ready to go go go! Shortly I will be incommunicado for who knows how long. Wish us luck on our trip tomorrow. Sergei has never been on as long a car trip as we’ll be taking tomorrow, and Sophia is good for a couple of hours before she starts to wear you down. It may be the longest car trip ever taken in the history of car trips ever if we have to make a bunch of stops, so I’m hoping for things to go smoothly and mostly non-stop. We splurged and bought a car dvd thingymagog for the occasion; let’s pray it keeps Sophia entertained.


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