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One would think that since I’m unemployed I’d have nothing to do, but such is not the case. I’m far busier than I was when I had a job, and I can’t quite figure out the logistics of that. Some of it, of course, is moving related but not all. I should have more free time, not less free time, right? I should also come to the end of a day less exhausted, but that’s not working out yet either.

Today I wrote 2105 words on the story that for a while yesterday was called “Slim Chance” but appears now to have the title “Loyal Companion”. This brings the total number of words for the story to 3939 so far. I am in the conclusion of the story, and don’t expect it to take more than 500 or so words to wrap itself up. Of course, yesterday I thought I stopped writing about 2/3rds of the way through it and I turned out to be less than halfway done, so you may not want to trust my fuzzy authorial impressions.

The interesting thing about beginning to write seriously again is how often I’m wearing my writing goggles away from the keyboard. Everything around me now has a dual purpose. First it informs me of the world around me and secondly it becomes fodder. It’s like seeing double.


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