24 November 2004 by Published in: writing 1 comment

At some point someone’s gonna tell me to shorten up the posts, or post less often, or just abbreviate. Maybe some of you will stop reading. That’s alright, don’t feel bad. It happens. In my dedication to trying to write all the time, I’ve become quite the blogger, posting something substantive (or at least long) almost daily. Sophia was home from school today so I planned to let her sleep in and get a little writing done early in the morning. Except for the distraction of the no internet thing mentioned in the previous post and the fact that the extra time afforded me this way was really only one hour instead of the two I normally try for, it went fairly well. So, to abbreviate, my word count for the day on “Egghead Kingdom” was 1450, bringing the total for the tale to 3193, and it’s not done yet.


Sat 27th Nov 2004 at 4:14 pm

Shorten up the posts? As if.

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