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So far today during my writing time I’ve :

  • started a load of laundry I didn’t get to over the weekend
  • moved around enough boxes to reunite a shelf with its base and placed it where I think I want it…maybe
  • emptied a box
  • arranged the coat closet in the hall to my liking, removing all the coats that are too light for this time of year and organizing what’s left from shortest to longest
  • made a cup of tea
  • updated some apple software on my iBook, and then rebooted it
  • posted (and backdated) yesterday’s blog post, because at some point I lost connection with our server and was unable to post it yesterday
  • moved enough boxes off of the foyer bench to make it possible to sit there as you put on your boots
  • been up and down the basement stairs toting and ferrying and carrying things often enough to count as exercise for today
  • written this entry
  • submitted Ennui to the 5th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition

Why didn’t I write? Because I don’t know what to write just yet. I thought that sitting in front of the blinking cursor would be more frustrating and less productive than giving myself a break. I was also vaguely curious as to how much I could get done in that time if I weren’t writing, but I see (as do you, browsing my list) that the gain is not substantial. And now, as a reward for not writing, I’m going to go eat sushi.


Wed 01st Dec 2004 at 8:33 am

Hi, How’s it going? It seems to me the reward was for the things you did not didn’t do. (smile) I read your post at least once a week.

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