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I’m the type of person who makes lists, as most of you undoubtedly already know. Today I’m going to pepper you with some of my lists.

Things I’m pleased about:

  • the prospect of going to get some yummy breakfast at broadstreet in a little while.
  • the number of books I’m reading these days. I’ve probably read more books so far this year than I’ve read in the past two years. Currently reading over on the right panel is hopelessly outdated, and I like it that way.
  • Neil Gaiman’s Blog. Today he talked about the irreality of numbers in a way I find very familiar and comforting. Earlier in the week he had a hilarious bit about his hotel room in Spain that practically made me homesick for Argentina.

Things making me roll my eyes this morning:

  • Ms. Whiny McEntitled’s victory in court. Interesting editorial about it in the Philadelphia Daily News which echoes much of my sentiment, minus the pity.
  • That we’ve left the realm of factfinding and have opted for having some judge simply decide in court that there’s a link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

Things I’m planning to do this weekend:

  • Get Kurt a new pair of Army boots.
  • Rent one of those steam cleaner things and clean the carpet in the great room.
  • Clean the backyard, fill those places where Sergei has dug holes and fix the backdoor screen and put Sophia’s table back outside and get the Elmo Sprinkler hooked up for her to play in.
  • Possibly get together with a friend for a meal.
  • Make sure Kurt gets game prep time.

An incomplete list of places that are on my list:

  • My old bank, Trustmark, with its nigh useless online banking system that’s not internet connected and requires a modem and a phone line and proprietary software that runs only under windows. Among its other unique features is an endless parade of rude and condescending tellers.
  • That monopolizing rotten to the core of a Baby Bell, BellSouth. With any luck, I’ll never have to purchase service from again (hurray for cell phones!)
  • Bastion of poor service and thieving, McRae’s department store, who STILL hasn’t removed the double charge on my credit card.
  • My insurance company Allstate. Everytime I see one of their ads I feel like screaming “LIES! LIES! LIES!”. Have got to get insurance with some company I hate a little less.
  • Sophia’s College Fund MACS. I’m now in a quandary, wondering whether I should continue investing money here.


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