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Most of the items on the list got done this weekend, plus a few that cropped up as things progressed. It was, overall, a pleasant and relaxing weekend with enough things getting accomplished to satisfy me. Kurt was an amazing handyman and worked really hard on some stuff and also made me several super duper Mother’s Day meals. My mother’s day loot included : a really cute bag with an ironed on picture of Sophia, a sappy poem with Sophia’s handprint on it (“Fingers!” she told me, pointing at the fingers of the handprint as we looked over it together), and two cds: 13 Songs by Fugazi and Zerospace by Kidneythieves which I think is a great name for a band. I also got a flower on friday from the people I work with, a lovely peach colored rose. Unlike usually when I get a rose bud and it just wilts and hardly puts out any scent, this one opened up gorgeously and looks great and smells better. I thought it was very sweet of someone to decide to give out flowers to all the mothers.


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