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Two grasped dreams last night, but then I went for a morning walk and now I apparently only have one with any certainty.

In the first dream there was two basic sequences. In one, I was in Argentina, with my family and we had all these buses loaded with people from our church, and I was supposed to figure out which of my nieces and nephew I was supposed to ride with, and I couldn’t find a bus with space for me. After I finally got aboard a bus and got to my destination, the second sequence began. I was alone now and I was in this Asian person’s house, about to enjoy a unique meal. The meal was laid out in different rooms, each course an integral part of the room it was served in. I don’t remember much of the foods except the bathroom food. I stepped into a hot steam shower with little delectable mushrooms swirling around my feet, interspersed with tiny green onion slices and larger bits of seaweed. It was delicious!

In the second dream I was running around doing mortgage paperwork, trying to get everything in order. All the papers I needed were missing some signature or some piece of information and it was very complicated.


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