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I shouldn’t wait until the end of the day to write about my dreams because they get fuzzier and fuzzier. However, here at the exhausted end of today I have the smallest remaining sense of what my dream was about.

I dreamed I was in this large space that is a dream echo of where I went to school. It was the same sort of building with lots of stairs that doubled around on every floor and paralleled each other to lead to the same places. I am not completely sure why I was there. I may have been a student again, or an employee, or both. At one point I charged up some stairs and came running into a room to be met by a person who works at my former place of employment. He shall remain nameless, but for this dream I’ll call him the little general. The little general was mopping or something like that and he held up a hand to bar my way and explained that, as he’d just mopped here, I’d have to go all the way around to get where I was going. This involved going down several flights of steps and through a long hallway and then back up steps at the other end, so I wasn’t very happy about it. But instead of complaining I said, yeah, sure, ok. I turned to go and the little general turned back to his mopping. The instant his back was turned I dashed past him. I wasn’t quiet, and I was running, but somehow in the dream he failed to notice me. Most gratifying.


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