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My first piece of mail at my new house was a welcoming present from a local who reads my blog! It was the long-desired satin pillowcase. Unfortunately, matching it to the pillows has been a task. The first night I had no pillows, and the second and third nights I had found and unpacked the pillows but buried the pillowcase in a mound of stuff. However, I have now united the two disparate entities and will enjoy my first piece of mail/housewarming gift/wishlist item magically materialized the next time I lay my head down to rest. Thanks, blog reader! It will treat my hair well and surely give me pleasant dreams. Speaking of which, I’ve had a number of dreams while I was connectionless, which I will now attempt to recount here.

Last night I dreamed that I was hanging upside down from a set of monkey bars, trying to shake loose all the kinks and aches that have developed in my body with the combination of no exercise and heavy duty moving. I woke up wanting to find some monkey bars, and Sophia and I may just wander around trying to find a park this afternoon. I haven’t hung upside down like that in years.

I also dreamed that I was sitting at a table in some kind of student union area, like at a college, with two friends. I was wearing a black shirt, black sweatpants and dark glasses. I was talking about writing. Caitlin Kiernan showed up with her lover, took off my glasses and asked me if I was a musician because I looked familiar. I said no. I wanted to tell her duh, writer, just like you, but I didn’t. She left, still looking for the person she thought I had been, insisting that she was around here somewhere. I know why she’s on my mind, because I’m hoping that soon my blog entries will be like hers : I wrote x words on y story today.

Previously, I dreamed that I was housesitting for a former co-worker (and friend), who had decided to move to Florida with her boyfriend. I was super excited for her, and promised her I would take good care of her house, which was larger but darker than her house really is. There was some confusion about whether her kid was going with her or staying with the house but I can’t remember what exactly that was about.


Tue 16th Nov 2004 at 8:56 pm

I would truly like to be local, but I am not – at least not yet. Sorry the "welcome" message gave the wrong impression. Gotta watch how I say things. However, I’m glad you like it. :-)

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