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Completely unexpectedly, my ping weblogs functioned worked again day before yesterday when I submitted a post. I’m not sure what to think, especially since when I checked the website shortly after the successful ping, my blog wasn’t listed. I’m not sure how useful the weblogs thing is anymore, either, as it seems to have been invaded by spam blogs. Perhaps more investigation is merited on my part. The website appears to be broken again, when I checked just now. Does anyone know what’s up with that?

In other news, vivid dream last night, but woke in the middle of the night, and now it’s pretty faded.

I dreamed that I was in this federal office building in Argentina. It was pretty spacious and kept up, despite being in an older building. It was full of wood and marble, and unlike most federal buildings I’ve been in which are usually squat hulking cement structures that give off depersonalized bureaucratic vibes. So I go upstairs to this room that has glass windows facing the main stairwell of the building and inside it is is this girl who is being held by the government as a suspected terrorist. She’s just some American college kid that was on vacation, really, and there’s a language barrier for some reason. None of the captors can speak English and she can’t speak a lick of Spanish. They keep demanding answers to questions about plots and accomplices and she keeps asking to go home. She looks vaguely Asian, too, like maybe one of her parents was Thai.

There’s an intermezzo where we’re in a department store, looking at very fine and expensive things – perfume, make up, sunglasses – none of which we will be buying.

Then we’re on this train, and we’ve missed our stop, and I ask if we’re to Ramos Mejia or not, only I can’t quite remember how to say it and I keep saying Retiro instead, but the station I’m trying to talk about is Ramos Mejia and in the dream I know I’m not getting it quite right. Only it’s quickly a moot point, because the train is stopped by police and everyone is forced off the train and made to stand against the platform with their hands on the wall and their legs apart, like in the movies, and cops are walking up and down the line saying things about everyone. They’re looking for someone in a plot to bomb the train, or something like that. Eventually they dismiss everyone but me and my two traveling companions – who are both men – and the train starts up and people start coming and going but we are forced to stand there while the cops discuss what to do with us. For hours. My arms and legs start to ache, but we cannot move. It does no good to tell them we haven’t done anything, and there’s this language barrier again. I’m the only one who can understand what the cops are saying of the three of us. I can’t speak to the cops, because when I do they tell me they aren’t talking to me and the others can’t answer the questions because they don’t understand what is being said.


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