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Another dream. Waited way too long to get it down because it was a lot more intricate and involved and vivid than I will be able to capture now.

I dreamed that I was some sort of law enforcement person (contrast my previous dream, where I was just being harassed by law enforcement) and it was my job to murder this criminal as he left the courtroom. Or something similar, I’m not quite sure I have the when of it right. At some point it seemed like I was supposed to murder him to prevent the crime he was going to commit, at other points like it was already done and he – the criminal – was the just unsalvageable, and at yet other times this planned murder was a covert thing. I’m sure this was all clearer earlier, but my day started with a bit of a jolt and I didn’t quite get it down right away, and it was a middle of the night dream anyways so it had already faded some by morning. At any rate, my murder weapon was a pair of scissors. It’s this ancient pair of haircutting scissors that was my grandmother’s that I have. They’re black and I was just holding them the day before, looking at them and wondering if they had always been black steel or if at one point they had looked silvery and just aged. Sometimes I wonder about stuff like that. At any rate (again!), I have this pair of scissors and I’m supposed to stab this guy to death with them, so I invite him for a drink in a bar and then, sitting at the bar next to him while he sips his drink, I kill him. And then, I leave to this camp. Lots of people are staying at this camp, including a former co-worker of mine Jeff R. I’ve decided to take a nap, and while I am asleep, all the people decide to go, but Jeff stays, because I’m supposed to be watching the house we’re all in (it was a little bit like Ruinas at Thea, in Cordoba). So he stays to watch, because I’m obviously sleeping and not watching like I’m supposed to be, except for that part of this time we’re having a conversation and I’m asking him questions, even though I’m supposedly asleep. So then I wake up, and ask him why he’s still here, and he says because he had to stay behind because I was sleeping. I asked him why he didn’t just wake me up. He said that he tried, but that no matter how much he shook me I just wouldn’t wake up, because I was sleeping so heavily. I thought that was pretty strange, and told him so, but said that I sometimes slept heavily like that.

I don’t have a whole lot of dreams where I’m sleeping or talking about sleeping while I’m in them, except the ones where I’m trying to wake up, and this one wasn’t one of those, so I found it pretty interesting.


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